Ask any kid under 15, Kahoot is the world's best quiz platform used for both class and fun. This page is the easiest way for experienced kids to find the best public quizzes, and new parents and grandparents to try Kahoot for the first time. Compete at home amongst the family, or via video call to other homes. There have been rumours of very rowdy video-pub-quizzes via Kahoot during lock down. Each team needs a connected device, and only the host needs to log-in. (If in doubt, ask any school aged kid what to do). It's perfect for gathering around a laptop, casting from a device to your home TV, or sharing a screen during a zoom call. Pro-tip 1: if you are doing music quizzes on video call make sure everyone else is quiet or has their microphone on mute. Pro-tip2: Have fun with the team names. Pro-tip3: Ask the kids about custom quizzes. Have fun!